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The main purpose of Live The Healthy is make it easier for people just starting their fitness journey to wade through the BS that permeates the fitness industry so you can be a healthier fitter you. 




"He Explains Each Exercise. The Benefits I Have Received Include Huge Increase In My Mobility, Weight Lose, Body Aches And Pains Gone, More Energy And An Appreciation Of How Great Our Bodies Really Are."
Leigh S

live the healthy

My name is Daniel and I have been a personal trainer & fitness coach for the past 6 years. I have also competed and won both state and national competitions In Knockdown Karate. Before starting my fitness journey I weighed 130kgs (286 Lbs). I’m putting all my cards on the table so you know that I wasn’t always fit and can relate to the fear of starting or how difficult exercise can be, and I want to help people who started like me on their fitness journey.


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My goal for this website is to help people who are just getting into the fitness world. with free workouts, information and debunking myths that the fitness world has proliferated.




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