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Fitness Tips For Life.

Fitness tips for life, a resource for the speedbumps of a health and fitness lifestyle.

Wanting to increase your fitness levels and using these fitness tips for life is an admirable goal. But time and time again this goal has left the trainee physically and emotionally drained. with possibly a few long term injuries.

Whether it is through crash dieting, a new workout trend or just never taking a rest day there are many ways that a healthy lifestyle choice can ruin your body.

Jumping head first into the extremes of health and fitness usually leads to injury, burnout, failure and ultimately quitting altogether. If you have ever been in a gym in January and February you would know exactly what I mean.

If you start to look at health and fitness as a lifestyle instead of a sprint focusing around 30 day challenges and 7 day crash diets you will develop better behaviors around health and fitness.

This is why I strongly advise ditching fad diets, the new workout craze, unrealistic goals and extreme transformations and focus on the routine you can maintain as a lifestyle.

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Health First Aesthetics Later.

Being fit and healthy has a lot more facets than simply how you look or how much you can lift at the gym. Being fit and healthy is about:

  • How you feel.
  • Your mobility.
  • Your quality of life you can maintain.
  • Your mental state.

A person who is truly healthy is healthy both physically and mentally. Being in a better mood and being able to do more especially as we age is the most important aspects of health and fitness.

Consistency is key.

It is better to make steady progress for a long period of time than rapid progress with a hard crash. 

Sure. It’s possible to get results from a crash diet or workout challenge but the results will be for the most part so small that no one else will recognize them while increasing your chances of injury dramatically. Many people also experience a drop in their emotional wellbeing if they don’t complete the insane amount of work needed or eat slightly to much calories.

If you set goals that aren’t as intense and are achievable you can stay consistent and progress steadily through your fitness life. Reducing the pressure for yourself and accepting that you aren’t perfect is okay. It’s not the end of the world if you skip a workout or your cheat meal turns into a cheat day. Every day is a new day, start new and get right back to your obtainable goals.

This is how you make fitness consistent.

Pick Exercises You Enjoy.

The most important part when it comes to staying consistent is picking exercises you will look forward to performing.

If you continually have to force yourself to get to the gym and dread every exercise that is coming up you fitness journey won’t last very long.

It is better to find exercises that make you feel good and you know you will stick to it for the long haul. Even if you exercise isn’t optimal or the most intense.

Consistency will always beat out inconsistency.

Progression Takes Time.

Everyone knows results take time. But. Very often we hold ourselves to higher standards than we do other people..

And that is not fair on you, Be easy on yourself.

Nothing good comes easy, It is better to focus on the journey than the destination.

Only Compete With Yourself.

Competing with everyone else is a recipe for disaster.

This is your journey not theirs and no two people are the same. So comparing yourself to others will only leave you disappointed. 

If you are better than you were yesterday you are on the right track.

Don't Avoid Foods You Love.

Diet is an important facet of having a health and fitness focused life.

It’s the most important part for losing weight. And extremally important for muscle gain.

However everyone loves “bad” food and its okay to have “cheat meals”. It’s not the end of the world if you get Fast Food once a week or when you feel you need it. Don’t think less of yourself for it. 1 meal won’t matter, what matters is you get back on the horse and keep progressing.

Also try to find a way to make your favorite foods healthier. There are 1000s of recipes of how to make healthy fast food and it can be an amazing subsititue. 

Make Activity Part Of Your Daily Routine.

If finding time to exercise is hard four you know that you aren’t alone. 

There are times where everyone will find it hard to fit exercise into their day to day life and it often gets put on the back burner.

Don’t let it.

Set exercise up as you would any other important activity. Set a time for it and try to stick to it.

If setting up a certain time is difficult because you are to busy simply adding exercises throughout the day can have great effects. Don’t take the elevator, take the stairs. Park further away from the store. 

To learn more read my article on how to burn calories without exercise. 

Try New Things.

It is okay to step out of your comfort zone. Finding new exercises that you enjoy can keep exercise fresh and make you want exercise.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and switching things up can help keep things interesting and reduce repetitiveness. Helping make health and fitness a permanent fixture in your lifestyle.

Reward Yourself.

Rewarding yourself can help you make exercise a habit. Knowing that at the end of the day you will do something good for yourself, whether that big a cheeky chocolate or extra tv time if you exercise now is a great way to tie exercise in with a reward and a good feeling. Achieving milestones can come with bigger rewards. Run your first 5k? Treat yourself to a new pair of running shoes or anything you have been wanting but just needing an excuse to get.

Soon exercise will be it’s own reward. the feeling your body gets after a good exercise, the exhaustion and burning in the muscles will become a reward in itself that you try to achieve in exercise. Once the habit is built. This type of reward. Where the exercise is reward itself. Will help you make a long term commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Remember These Fitness Tips For Life.

Everyone struggles sometimes to keep exercise a consistent part of their calendar. With these simple tricks you can overcome a lot of the hurdles that your brain and outside forces put in the way for you. Leading to consistent progress and a happy healthier you by simply remembers these fitness tips for life.

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